Quick Stats
Release Date October 2005
Licenses Implicitly gratis
MIT / X11

VectorDemo is my attempt at a vector engine for mobile phones using J2ME. The hardware was too painfully slow for me to take this where I wanted it, so I collected what I had into this demo. Two objects (in GOB format, a kind of binary packed OBJ) and wireframe, solid fill, and flat shaded modes.

To download this directly from your mobile phone, point your phone's browser to kvance.com/jad/.

Note: The duck model used in VectorDemo is NOT covered by the MIT license. It has been used in many productions over the last 15 years, but I can't find out where it came from. I suspect it's in the public domain, but I'll stick with "implicitly gratis" for now.


The latest version is 1.0. It was released in October 2005.

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