PortraitI'm a computer programmer from Pennsylvania, particularly interested in independent video game development. I was heavily involved in the creation of Tae Kwon Do World Champion, an independently produced martial arts game for the PC.

As a kid, I cut my teeth on the Commodore 64. I did my first gaming, game design, and even BASIC programming on that machine. However, my biggest influences came from using a PC in the 1990s. Chief among these were DOS shareware games, the PC demoscene, and the ZZT and MegaZeux game creation systems. I eventually taught myself C and x86 assembly programming in order to make better games than I could using QBASIC or ZZT.

I have a few hobbies outside of the computer world. I enjoy cooking (especially when chili peppers are involved), science fiction in any medium, and synthesizers. I still play the Roland JP-8000 I bought in 1998!

I also write a lot of autobiographical blurbs, because I keep joining (...or making...) websites that ask for them.