Quick Stats
Release Date February 1997
License Public Domain

MegaHack is an unfinished collection of ZZT and MegaZeux utilities for DOS, all rolled up into a single application. While I never added all the stuff I wanted, it does contain these features:

I believe this is the first password ripper for protected MZX worlds. It can only determine the lowercase characters in the password. This is because I made the decoding tables by trying each character at a time (starting from 'a') and recording the encrypted results. Since passwords were often mostly lowercase, you could usually guess any uppercase letters.

Originally this was a "public beta," free to distribute but with restrictions. As of July 12, 2009, I have released the program into the public domain except for the included music and sound effects, which are of unknown origin.

Note: If you're looking for a standalone ZZT unlocker, UnLockPRO is a much better choice.


The latest version is 0.20-beta. It was released in February 1997.

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