Quick Stats
Website kevedit.sf.net
First Release June 14, 2000
Last Release July 01, 2005
Team Kevin Vance
Creator, Programming
License GPL v2+

KevEdit was the original standalone editor for ZZT game worlds. Among its many features are a full color palette with a large backbuffer, a gradient tool, a program editor with syntax highlighting, a music tester, and board reordering and deletion.

KevEdit was a project I wanted to do for a long time, but in my youth I lacked the necessary skill. After several failed attempts, I finally released version 1.0 in June 2000. That version was only useful for editing artwork. It was based on Greg Janson's initial reverse engineering of the ZZT format, with my own research to fill in the gaps. Soon Bitman joined me, adding new features and cleaning up the code. In a few versions, it was a powerhouse and was banned from several competitions as an unfair advantage!

I don't know how many worlds have been edited with KevEdit since then, but I'm glad I got to contribute something to the ZZT community.


The latest version is 0.5.1. It was released on July 01, 2005.

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