Quick Stats
First Release September 11, 2007
Last Release October 18, 2009
License GPL v2+

This is a port of MegaZeux to the Nintendo DS. Extract it to the root of your flash card so the files are in /games/megazeux. Apply the appropriate DLDI patch.

Because of the small amount of main memory on the DS, a SLOT-2 device with extra memory (e.g. SuperCard) is recommended. Without it, large game worlds will run out of memory.

Once the game loads, the top screen shows a zoomed-in portion of the screen, and the bottom screen shows the entire screen scaled to fit. The stylus can be used to perform mouse clicks and pan around the top screen. Use the right trigger to toggle a software keyboard.

DSMZX currently builds against devkitARM-r26, libnds-1.3.8, and libfat-1.0.4. The libnds keyboard graphic has been replaced with this fixed version with better transparency.

Update: Build 2.1 adds fixes for EZFlash hardware.

D-PAD = movement (arrow keys)
A + D-PAD = shoot in this direction
B = enter
X = save game
Y = load game
START = p (i.e. P to Play in the title screen)
SELECT = escape
R TRIGGER = toggle keyboard


The latest version is 2.1-svnr1454. It was released on October 18, 2009.


From: BastarB
Date: October 17, 2009 12:18 p.m.
WOW, Nice Port =D
I can report that I got a guru meditation error when I tried to use my EZ-flash IV as a memory pack. The program boots like it has detected the memory, but when I select a game and try to run it I got the error.

Keep up the nice work^^Looking forward to more releases=)



From: kvance
Date: October 17, 2009 01:09 p.m.

Thanks for the info! If you have a digital camera, could you take a picture of the error screen? I might be able to use the stack trace to find out what the problem is.

(I don't have an EZ-flash IV to test with.)

From: Another World
Date: October 17, 2009 11:44 p.m.
using an acekard 2.1 black pcb and akaio 1.5. i am getting "no memory expansion card was detected in slot-2." on boot-up. my slot-2 ram pack is an ez 3in1new. card works fine, so i'm not sure what the problem is. incase it is a bug i thought i would report it.

i posted news on your project. feel free to follow the thread for bug reports if you want: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=186218

From: BubSmith02
Date: October 18, 2009 12:13 a.m.
Do the original .zzt files need to be converted or something to work on this interpreter?

The directory they are in appears blank when in the interpreter menu, but Proton .mzx files appear fine. However, they are GURU meditation erroring and won't load =/.

From: BastarB
Date: October 18, 2009 08:23 a.m.
Hi Kevin! I have sent you a picture with my error report to you mail! =)

@Another World

I got exactly the same issue with my own Ez 3-in-1 expansion cart (the original edition). The program won't detect it at all!

I'm using a Cyclo Evo DS hw1.1

Have a nice day everyone!

From: kvance
Date: October 18, 2009 02:04 p.m.

MZX can't run ZZT worlds (it could convert them back in MZX-1.0, but that's been gone for a long time). As far as I know, the only way to play ZZT games on the DS is DreamZZT: http://dev.c99.org/DreamZZT/

What kind of SLOT-2 card are you using?

@BastarB, @Another World:

There is definitely a problem with EZFlash cards and the RAM unlocking code I have. Can you try running this memory pack test: http://www.pineight.com/ds/memtestARM-0.03...

If that works, I can try switching dsmzx to that version of the RAM Unlocking API. If not, can you tell me if DSLinux can detect the RAM?

From: BastarB
Date: October 18, 2009 05:53 p.m.
Hi Kevin!

I tried the test-version you released over at the GBATemp Forum. Now i don't get a "no-ramdetected" message when I'm using the EZ 3-in-1 or the EZ Flash 4 as a ram pack. I don't get any Guru meditation errors either ;)

So it's a very nice update you've done, keep it up=D

What are your main goals with this project? Are you going to add sounds and a more zooming options in the future? =)

From: kvance
Date: October 18, 2009 07:04 p.m.

Excellent! I'll make a bugfix version of build 2 with those changes.

Sound is the next thing I'd like to fix. I've made a little progress adapting maxmod to play music, but so far it's only the title screen. Maxmod wasn't designed to load more than 1 soundbank.

Different zoom modes are tricky because of the DS hardware. I think it would be possible to use the 3D hardware to do arbitrary zooming using a compressed texture for the screen (640 pixels is too wide for normal DS graphics modes), but the hardware scaler is poor quality. I could use the CPU to do a very nice quality zoom, but the CPU is pretty slow. Something to think about later :)

From: Another World
Date: October 18, 2009 11:57 p.m.
keep up the good work. this is a fun little interpreter for the ds, and i am enjoying it.

i gave you another front page post for the bug fix, i hope it brings you more traffic.

From: KKairos
Date: September 14, 2010 02:18 p.m.
I don't have a DS. But if I did, I'd be trying to make this happen on it.

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