Quick Stats
Competition 7th place in
Dualstream DoZ 2001
Release Date July 2001
Team Samuel Hurst
Game, Music
Matt Dark
Kevin Vance
Game, Music, Sounds
License Implicitly gratis

Commander bROTON is a parody of our previous game Captain Proton and the Reality Ripper. Unfortunately, we did not finish in time and the game is impossible to win. It includes a ZZT-style board, 2 minigames, all original music, and some original sounds.

This game was created in 24 hours for the 2001 Dualstream Day of Zeux.


The latest version was released in July 2001.


From: TaZmAn
Date: March 1, 2010 05:07 a.m.
Hello, as you may already discovered I'm recent here.
I will be glad to receive some assistance at the beginning.
Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

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